Testimonials from loyal customers

A trusted partner for our large company

Ryan and his team are wonderful to work with! They are always very responsive with any need that we have… and are always thinking of ideas to improve our site. We would recommend Happy Dog to any business – big or small. They speak “your language” too when it comes to the returns on our investment – not “techie” speak. They know what a business needs to justify the expense of digital marketing and web development.

Donald, Sr. Product Portfolio Manager
Xcel Energy
Don - Xcel

At Happy Dog we hold our core values close to our hearts, and one of those values is create the "wow" experience for every single client, big or small. We love what we do, and we want you to love it, too.

We would recommend Happy Dog to any business – big or small.

Happy Dog nailed it

The crew over at Happy Dog Web Productions are nothing short of amazing! When I approached them with a web project we wanted to launch in a very short timeframe, they were the only company I talked to that did not even blink at the opportunity to tackle the project. Within days they had concepts designed and solutions ready to ensure a successful project. The Happy Dog team took in the project as if it was one of their own, and that passion and dedication really showed in the delivery of the final product. Thanks to the team at Happy Dog, our fans have yet another fantastic digital property to engage with our brand.

Bob, Director of Digital Media
Minnesota Timberwolves
Bob - Minnesota Timberwolves

Happy Dog's team aims to not only create beautiful, functional websites our clients can be proud of, but sites that we can be proud of, too. We hold ourselves to high standards and do our very best to deliver a stellar final product.

The Happy Dog team took in the project as if it was one of their own.

Four sites with great results

I started using Happy Dog Productions in May of 2010 and have been extremely pleased with everything I have asked them to do. Not only do they have a great deal of knowledge in developing a website, but their service is impeccable. My average turnaround time for a change to our website is very fast, sometimes it has been less two hours from the time I initiated the request. They have created three different business websites for me now and I would definitely recommend them to all of my colleagues.

Nick, VP
Frattalone Companies
Nick - Frattalone Companies

Building strong, long-lasting and loyal relationships is something that we strive to do with every client we work with. Our loyalty and top-notch web design and development skills, along with our deep knowledge of SEO and digital marketing strategies allow us to cultivate these relationships, and keep them going.

I would definitely recommend them to all of my colleagues.

Highly recommended

The folks at Happy Dog went above and beyond the call of duty when helping us design our site, and later with the implementation of that design. They were patient and supportive through our many revisions and thoughtful and creative when recommending solutions to our functional requirements. They were also great in handling the diverse viewpoints, personalities and skill levels of the team of our staff members who were invested in the project. They were and are responsive to our questions and attentive to our needs. We highly recommend them.

Meg, Director of Finance & Operations
Bromelkamp Company
Meg - Bromelkamp Company

Customer service an that "wow" experience is absolutely critical to the way we want to run our business. We understand that all of our clients have a different level of techie knowledge, as well as very different needs. That's why we tailor each project and make ourselves constantly available to answer questions and resolve any issues.

They were and are responsive to our questions and attentive to our needs.

Keeping the personality

Happy Dog has been doing my SEO for just over a year. They did all the background work for my website as well. In the past year, we have gone from having almost no sales to daily sales, via email or e-commerce as well. I pay 25% of what I was paying for my Yellow Pages ads and have had at least a 30% increase in sales. Happy Dog does not treat me like I am just some other business owner -- They know I am a niche business they have kept everything unique, just like the way I am.

Kadee, Sander Rental Goddess
Pete's Hardwood Floors
Kadee - Pete's Hardwood Floors

In the past year, we have gone from having almost no sales to daily sales.

They created an "experience"

Happy Dog Productions has, by far, provided the best design, construction, and professional web services we've ever experienced. They were really able to take our vision and translate it into something that resonated with customers. They went above and beyond. What came out goes well-beyond a website... it's an experience. We were looking for more than just design, we were looking for a company that could understand and translate "why" we are so passionate about what we do. Happy Dog did just that. Thank you Happy Dog.

Antonio & Shaz, Owners
Andrea Pizza
Antonio & Shaz - Andrea Pizza

We're not only concerned with your experience with us as a developer, but also that of your customers. We believe that your customers deserve the best possible online experience. Through smart design and development, and using our ability to see the big picture (and all the little details), we're able to create eye-catching and successful websites.

What came out goes well-beyond a website ... it's an experience.

Knowledgeable and reliable

Over a year ago we relied on Happy Dog to help us train and educate our large number of employees through a company intranet training and education center. At the beginning of the process, there was some "gray areas" in terms of what should we do, where should we host, and things like that. Happy Dog was able to take our concept and turn it into a reality. We continue to use them for technical assistance and look forward to our next venture together. I recommend them gladly.

Brandon, National Training Manager
Mobile Technologies Inc (MTI)
Brandon - Mobile Technologies Inc

We are able to work in complex scenarios and take what would be complicated tasks and allow a company to handle it on their own. Of course we are here for technical support, but some things are better left in house. Through top notch customer service and a great business relationship, we aim to take these complicated matters and make them successful for both parties.

Happy Dog was able to take our concept and turn it into a reality.

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Jon Miller's review of Happy Dog Web Productions.
Jon Miller
star star star star star
April, 2017
What you need to understand when you work with Happy Dog is that you are getting a team of people who are dedicated to your success. Unlike a lot of web development firms out there, which over-promise and under-deliver, Happy Dog does the opposite. Ryan and the Happy Dog team bend over backwards to make sure that your project is rock-star-amazing. More importantly, they actually care about you. In my role as the project lead and liaison with Happy Dog for our company, I went through some medical challenges in the middle of a project our company was working on with them, and based on Happy Dog's response, you would have thought I'd been adopted into Happy Dog's family. They checked in on me consistently, worked to make sure that the project met my new schedule, and even sent some amazing flowers and a heartfelt note to go along with them. What company does that? HAPPY DOG WEB PROS, that's who! They've earned a heartfelt, and well-deserved, 5-star rating.
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Jacquie Fisher's review of Happy Dog Web Productions.
Jacquie Fisher
star star star star star
October, 2016
The folks at Happy Dog were awesome in creating a mobile solution for our website & updating our main site in the process! They deliver high quality work, are very timely (we were up & running BEFORE the due date!) and everyone was so pleasant to work with from start to finish.
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Kevin Roth's review of Happy Dog Web Productions.
Kevin Roth
star star star star star
September, 2016
Our web team outsources our design slicing to Happy Dog when our production schedule extends beyond our capacity. Happy Dog has produced a quality product to our exact specifications each time. We are confident in leaning on Happy Dog as an extended part of our team.
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Kjersten Merila's review of Happy Dog Web Productions.
Kjersten Merila
star star star star star
July, 2016
Ryan and his team did a great job on the website for Her Spirit. Everyone was awesome to work with, things were done very timely and professionally, and they made it a super fun process!
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Aleshia Mcnamara's review of Happy Dog Web Productions.
Aleshia Mcnamara
star star star star star
June, 2016
Excellent response time and great solution to functionality of our website.
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John Schultz's review of Happy Dog Web Productions.
John Schultz
star star star star star
June, 2016
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