What is PPC?

Pay-per-click or cost-per-click is an internet marketing strategy. Campaigns are created and shown on search engines. Then, a user that searches for certain keywords will see your ad and click on it, which will cost you some money - hence the term cost-per-click.

Google and Facebook make creating a PPC campaign simple, but it takes a lot of attention and experience for it to be successful. We are happy to help companies that are struggling with an existing campaign as well as companies that are interested in testing the PPC waters. 

Our PPC experts are versatile and they can help you achieve a variety of goals. PPC is also great for creating brand awareness, dominating your competition, enhancing a peak season, or promoting new things.

How We Run PPC

lab Optimized Ads

Our ads always have all of the bells and whistles. Ads have extensions such as site links, callouts, phone numbers, locations, etc. Utilizing these when appropriate increased the conversion rate. We will also carry your voice & brand throughout the ads.

params Dynamic Planning

We spend hours research potential keywords and strategies, which you will approve of before we ever start a campaign.  

banknote Your Money Matters

This is your business investment. Our experts treat your investment as if it were their own, by constantly monitoring and improving your ads.  

megaphone Constant Communication & Reporting

We will have a meeting to discuss your PPC goals and send you detailed monthly reports that cover your entire website’s performance- not just how many clicks you received.  

news Tracking Everything

You deserve to know where your dollars are going. This means tracking calls, form fill outs, and important pages.   

display Custom Landing Pages

You may need landing pages for their PPC campaign. Our developers will work with the PPC expert (and you) to design a specialized landing page designed for conversions.   No Contracts You will not have to sign up for a certain amount of months with 

like No Contracts

You will not have to sign up for a certain amount of months with us or have a specific budget. We are here to help you invest with what you can.  

The Benefits of PPC

done Increasing Conversions
done Increasing Traffic
done Brand Awareness
done Dominating Your Competition
done Enhancing Your Peak Season
done Sending Users to Specific Pages
done Promote New Products & Sales

Ask Us Anything

PPC Advertising is a complicated and confusing world if you’re new to it. We are here to guide you through the process.

Feel free to send us an email or call and talk to one of our experts. We don’t believe PPC is right for everyone. Our expert will look at your site and the competitiveness of your industry to let you know if PPC is a viable option for your business.

We also offer PPC consulting to audit your current campaign and assist in its success.