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how do we stand outThere are some big dogs in the digital marketing and SEO industry that make big promises when it comes to getting your site to rank high in search results. And while many may be able to deliver on that promise, it may not be accomplished in the right way.

Here's the thing: even though penalties are stiff for companies who use spammy techniques to rank in the search engines, some large digital marketing and SEO firms still utilize outdated, shady techniques. Why? These techniques are easy and mean quick results.

But shady strategies will catch up to these companies eventually. Shady techniques will hurt your website, invoke penalties, and ultimately decrease your rankings substantially. 

You absolutely deserve better. At Happy Dog Web Productions we believe in performing the cleanest, and most professional and ethical digital marketing and SEO tactics for our clients—because although this kind of SEO is slower and more difficult, it works long-term. Our goal is to carry your site into the top search engine results, which is a huge benefit to companies who display a positive online reputation, and showcase their authority and expertise.  

How do we stand out from other SEO agencies?

At Happy Dog, we hold a set of important values close to our hearts: We're loyal. We're all about delivering the "wow" experience. We are able to look at the big picture and solve problems. We employ smart people and smart solutions to make our clients happy. And we do it all with incredible accuracy and efficiency. (Learn more about Happy Dog and our team.)

The decision to place your website in another company's hands is slightly dangerous and scary. But if you hire the right guys and gals for the job, you can rest assured that your SEO and digital marketing campaigns will yield quality results and transform your website into a high-performing powerhouse. 

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