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Your website has to accomplish a lot of goals. It's a marketing tool for prospective customers to find you. It's a customer service resource. And it's also your online storefront that showcases your company's reputation on the Internet.

At Happy Dog Web Productions our website designers and developers work with you to build sites that allow your customers to interact with you anytime, anywhere.

Design vs. Development

design devWebsite design and website development are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are very different. Website design is all about creating the look of a site and considering how users will interact with it, while website development is all the back-end programming stuff that makes up what we see on the screen. However, design and development must work together to create a successful website.

While our designers and developers are fully versed in their specialties, they also carry an understanding of their counterpart's fundamentals. In addition, designers and developers work next to each other in the same space to not only foster the "let's work together" attitude but also reduce any miscommunication.

Our design process

Our goal is to create a site so easy to maneuver that you have absolutely no idea what we did to make it happen. We want it to look easy, and we want it to be easy to use. Our web design and development process is thorough, yet simple: Design. Develop. Test. Train. Unleash.

During the design phase, our designers will work with you to determine the look and feel of the site, and then get to work on planning and laying it all out. After the designs have been approved by you, then it is time to develop all the code to give life to the site. After the design and development phases have been completed, it's on to quality assurance testing to make sure every aspect of the site is working properly. After that, we train you in on how to use your new site's content management system (CMS). All of our sites have a CMS integration, which houses all of the site's content and allows anyone (even those without any HTML training) to make updates and changes. Finally, it's time to unleash the beautiful beast to the online world.

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