Hitting the clutch 3 pointer


When it came to having a great events website, the game was on the line. The Minnesota Timberwolves needed:

  1. A site that reached it's tech savvy audience across all mediums
  2. A site that their staff could easily administer
  3. A well designed website that beautifully showcased their events

After vetting a dozen agencies, the Timberwolves chose Happy Dog. We lined up, took our shot, and swish -- nothing but net!

Making it easy to get involved.


Fans wanted to know when and where the Timberwolves would be involved in community events. They needed a place to organize it all. Just like the Target Center is the arena for the team to perform, this website ended up being the digital arena for fans to see the organization outside of game-time.

Let's talk code

twolves tablet imgWe created a custom administrative section for the CMS so that the client could easily manage events. Also, we created an events calendar, and events manager, and some slick responsive coding.

With Bootstrap3, Joomla 3, and a highly customized mobile experience, this website is the MVW (most valuable website) for events websites around the league.

Continued valued client relationship

Happy Dog wasn't just chosen as a one-off project expert. We were chosen to a long term, fruitful business relationship. We continue to have fun and solve problems together, as we do with all of our clients.

All done at a break-neck pace

Most large agencies couldn't have moved with the quickness we did. From the discovery phase through execution in just over a month, we put in the effort to come out ahead quickly. We thoroughly enjoyed such a challenging and rewarding project.