Goodnight. Sleep Tight.

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It's hard to sleep well knowing that your website isn't living up to it's full potential. Restonic was definitely feeling tired.

After some diligent research, market analysis, and some good ol' elbow grease, Restonic concluded that the new site wasn't just a good idea, it was pertinent. Happy Dog was the perfect match, like a head to a pillow.

Wait, I Know of Restonic


Restonic Desktop

Yes, you probably do. Chances are if you don't, someone you know is sleeping on a Restonic mattress. Known in the mattress industry as a major player, Restonic has a rich past that has merged with an energetic brand. You can find a Restonic Mattress in many major retailers.
*hint, they have an awesome retailer locator*

Let's Talk Code and Features


Restonic SmartphoneFirst things first, a mobile friendly website was necessary. More than half of all digital searches are now on mobile!

Aside from that, the website is oozing with user-friendly features, such as the retailer locator and mattress explorer. It also handles warranty claims and registrations, has a video library, thorough documentation...you get the drift. Everything down to the hundreds of helpful blog posts were built with the customer in mind, it's worth a dive!

Code-wise the website was custom built on the WordPress platform. It utilizes the Boogiebox framework, a front end code framework that is owned and built by Happy Dog.

Digital Marketing For The Win

Digital Marketing

Not only does the new website enhance the user experience, it also performs well in internet search results. With a solidly-performing digital marketing effort, Restonic can sleep easy knowing people are finding (and loving) their site.

Take A Peek Yourself

Visit the website.