Bringing A Brand Together


Precision Landscape and Tree is a large commercial land clearing, city contract fulfilling, stump removing, storm damage fixing, planting, cabling, injection and preventative damage doing, biomass producing, timber managing and tree removal company. Phew.

This Minnesota-based tree superhero is a large, impressive enterprise.

Our digital marketing efforts helped them tell the world just that.

Our Work With Precision Landscape and Tree

precision portfolio img

We have done three major things for Precision Tree that have ultimately led to their very impressive growth.

1. We created a custom responsive navigation that was highly admired during a web conference in Boston, MA.

2. We continuously promote the brand through digital marketing and they are raking in the leads daily because of it.

3. We also built a custom web app which easily allows management to track their mechanics.

Understanding the Technical Side

The Happy Dog team created a website with a custom responsive service map, a massive product catalog complete with spec sheets, and several layouts that adjust to the type of content.

precision mobile img

Climbing the Tree of Success

The Precision website started with pretty much no traffic. We're talking less than one visitor a day.  In less than a year, they were getting 50+ leads per month and thousands of users. Results like this are uncommon in the digital marketing world, which is why we are so proud to promote their success.

Take a Peek For Yourself

Visit the website.