Bringing A Brand Together

Highmark photo

Happy Dog was given to opportunity to make all four of Highmark’s websites, for each facet of their companies: builders, exteriors, restoration, and cabinetry. Then, we created a landing page site that represents all of Highmark’s businesses in one quick glance to showcase the brands together.

The Highmark Name


highmark long

Highmark believes in building trust first, then providing high-quality service. They build custom homes, offer top of the line exterior products, as well as a restoration service for when your home is damaged.

Bold & Elegant

The Highmark sites offer high-resolution pictures and a simple navigation so that users can browse through their portfolio of projects with ease.

We also had to find a way to communicate their credentials at a glance. After all, credibility is huge for home construction. The site’s crisp and professional look gives the user a powerful first impression of what Highmark is all about- building trust.

highmark tablet

Repetitive Success

Highmark has recently built their own campus in Savage, MN. Our website creation, support, and digital marketing have helped them achieve many internal goals in the couple of years we’ve worked with them.

Take A Peek For Yourself

Visit the website.