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Outperforming the competition

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Auto Glass Express not only needed a new website, but a website that outranked stiff, aggressive competition.

The new website was designed to be conversion heavy including all of the information someone would need to know before making an appointment, brightly colored CTAs, and easy forms for users to fill out on mobile or desktop.

The website along with an intense digital marketing strategy has lead Auto Glass Express to increasing success year by year.

What Does Auto Glass Express Do?

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With over 20 years of experience in the auto glass repair and replacement business, Auto Glass Express is a trusted and respected auto glass repair company in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

Let's Talk Code

We created a website heavily focused around lead generation. One of the clients biggest issues was that it took a few steps in order to request a bid, and that the site was confusing.

With Bootstrap 3, Joomla 3, a highly customized mobile experience, professional photography, and easy to find call to action items, this website delivers excellently - just like their mobile auto glass service does.

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Passing The "Squint Test"

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Using psychology, conversion technology, and feedback, we were able to effectively point out the call to action to the person online. If you squint, you can still tell what commands the presence of the page.

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