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Joomla! website development by the pros

Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS) and we love using it when developing custom websites for our clients. Like a library, it stores and keeps track of every piece of content on a website.

Why we do Joomla! web development

joomla-web-developmentWhile we can skillfully develop websites using a variety of different CMS platforms, Joomla! is definitely one of our favorites to work with.

Joomla! is becoming more and more popular throughout the world because it offers a number of different advantages over other CMSs. It allows our developers to create sophisticated, powerful websites because it is fully customizeable. There are thousands of different extensions available to accomodate an incredible range of functions such as e-commerce, multimedia, social media integration, and more.

Bottom line? We love us some Joomla!.

Why you should love Joomla!, too

From a user's perspective, Joomla! websites are eye-catching. They provide an enjoyable visit for visitors, which helps encourage conversions and long-term client retention. And, the system is incredibly easy to use. You don't need to have any HTML or other coding knowledge to make content changes or manage your website.This means you can make changes to your site as your business grows and changes. You can add or update all kinds of content, like text, blogs, photos, music, video, or documents.

Of course, if your business is short on time, we can manage your site for you. We offer website maintenance and security plans in which we make changes and update content on your behalf. 

We're Joomla! experts

At Happy Dog we understand Joomla! backwards and forwards. We've used Joomla! to create sites for all kinds of businesses, from restaurants to real estate. If you're not sure Joomla! is the right CMS for you, talk to us. We think Joomla! has incredible potential for every business. 

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Written by Ryan Boog

Ryan Boog

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