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Why choose a Joomla! expert? 

The Joomla! content management system is like a pocket knife. In the hands of an expert, Joomla! can do a thousand things. But give a pocket knife to a child, and everything changes.

joomla-expert-like-pocket-knifeA child doesn't understand how you can use a pocket knife to perform regular, helpful functions like cutting fruit or opening letters. The chances of a kid finding and correctly using the knife's more advanced features, like its handy-dandy screwdriver, leather puncher, or can opener, are slim. Pocket knives are essential tools with a million creative uses - but to a child, they're either useless or (if the child opens the knife) dangerous!

Clearly, a powerful tool in the wrong hands loses its power. 

Because Joomla! offers the potential to customize websites, you want to find a Joomla! expert who can tap into all of its power. A Joomla! expert with a deep, complex understanding of the Joomla! content management system (CMS) will ultimately provide the highest return on your investment. If you hire a beginner, you'll get a mediocre final product, but if you hire an expert, the outcome will be a site created for and customized to be exactly the type of website you want!

Choose the right Joomla! expert

Don't pick just anyone who claims to be a Joomla! expert on their website. Your ideal choice should:

  • Have extensive training and education in web development and design
  • Be up-to-date in best practices and current trends for web development (including mobile)
  • Demonstrate a full understanding of the unique potential Joomla! offers for website customization using extensions
  • "Get" the mindset of an Internet user/search engine user
  • Sport a robust Joomla! portfolio of various types of websites in many different industries
  • Provide customer support by phone and email (in case you have issues with Joomla! or any problems that arise)
  • Offer a price quote within your budget

At Happy Dog Web Productions, we are proud to consider ourselves Joomla! experts! We see it as our job to take ownership over the entire Joomla! development process, guiding you to the best ideas and customization for your Joomla! site. We do this so you don't have to spend years attempting to master Joomla!. We know you have a business to run, and we want to make using your Joomla! website as easy as pie for you. 

Whether you choose us, or choose another company, please—we urge you to go with an expert, and not a beginner. You'll be glad you did!

Written by Ryan Boog

Ryan Boog

I am the CEO of Happy Dog Web Productions. I look forward to taking web, mobile design and digital marketing to the next level with Happy Dog. Follow Happy Dog at @hdwebpros or me personally at @ryanboog.