Custom web design that fits your vision 

Everything about your website—the way it looks, the way it works, the content it stores, its usability—is determined by the website design. At Happy Dog Web Productions we believe website design goes beyond putting the right colors and fonts on the page. Our designers work to create beautiful, user-friendly sites that reflect the quality of our clients and their brands.

Online competition is fierce, and web design can make all the difference. Great web design means faster loading times. It means a better user experience. And, it means better search engine rankings. And our custom web design company is committed to making your website stand out, convert and impress.

Responsive design

web design devEach website we create is built with responsive design in mind. What's responsive design? Responsive website design ensures that your website will render perfectly across all mobile devices and PC platforms. As the use of smartphones continues to grow at a rapid rate, a responsive website design will allow your website to reach beyond the computer screen and be at the fingertips of potential customers.

Custom design

At Happy Dog, we are all about giving our customers the "wow" experience, and we offer custom web design services. Our designers work with you to determine exactly what sort of look and feel you want your website to have, and then get to work on planning exactly how it will all come together. We take a number of things into consideration when designing: What kind of layout will achieve your goals? How will customers reach each page? How will social media sharing be incorporated? Once we have a plan in place and depending on the scope of the project, we begin working on wireframes and mockups for your approval as we move through the design process and into development.

A happy experience from start to finish

Our designers are committed to doing excellent work and to our clients 100 percent satisfaction. From the overall look and feel of the site to the tiny details, we know how to create a stunning finished product. We've actually had clients cry tears of joy when they see the final product—others have stocked our office fridge with beer and other libations.

So, let's get started on the road to a new site.

The road begins here ...