Wow Experience

Our employees have a knack for creating an amazing customer experience. Some of it is their expertise. But some of it is a more intangible quality…that ability to make a connection between an abstract idea or need and an online or digital solution. It gives our customers an experience that shows them they matter and that we want them to succeed. It keeps them as loyal to us as we are to them.

Big Picture Problem Solving

Because every problem is different, so is every solution. We are big picture problem solvers. We don’t view problems as individual challenges to resolve. Problems are looked at as a whole, as an indicator of bigger, more fundamental issues to work through. There’s a big picture and we are always thinking of it. And then we build solutions that address the needs of the present as well as the needs of the future. Sometimes, unfortunately, this means we’re spending some time cleaning up the messes left behind by past developers or digital marketing companies. But it’s all with the future in mind.


Intelligence matters… from the knowledge and expertise of our developers to the data we access about your site, your industry, and your potential. At Happy Dog, we make recommendations based on what is best, what is right, and what is smart. We have the expertise and ability to gather the right data, make the best decisions, and create the right solution. It’s what we do.


We don’t waste money or time. That doesn’t mean we’ll build a website overnight. It takes time to hear a customer’s needs and find a distinct voice. But we have a process that keeps us on point. We build detailed project scopes so that you know our plans and progress. We work closely as a team to keep the development and/or marketing strategy moving forward. We bring customers along with us, so that there are no surprises so they’re always aware of our status. It’s about making the most of every minute and every dollar.