CMS website development services

Awesome websites are not static websites. They change. They grow. They provide a quality, fresh experience for your visitors. And a quality content management system (CMS) makes all that growing and updating very simple. 

Your content managed right

cmsA CMS is a web application that stores all the content that makes up a website, and also allows anybody to easily edit and organize all that content. With a CMS any written copy, pictures, videos, and information on your site always stays relevant and up-to-date because you are able to make the changes yourself. And if having control over your content isn't enough to make you want a CMS, here are few other benefits:

  • Knowledge of HTML and other code is not required to work a CMS, making it easy for anyone to use.
  • Because anyone can use a CMS you don't have to pay your webmaster to make changes, saving you bundles of money.
  • Content drives traffic to your site. Having the ability to update content regularly allows you to create a content strategy, fix any misinformation immediately and ultimately help with your conversions.
  • Since quality content drives traffic, that content also has an affect on your search engine rankings. The better the content, the better the potential for ranking well, and a CMS opens the door for this.

At Happy Dog Web Productions, any website that we develop is paired with a CMS. Our favorite CMS to use is Joomla!, which is an award-winning, fully customizeable CMS. WordPress is also a speciality of ours. We've worked with Drupal and other systems, too. In addition, we are also able to migrate existing sites with no CMS onto a CMS platform. And of course, our CMS website development services come complete with training so you feel comfortable taking on that content manager role.

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