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Your website tells your customers a lot about your business, and first impressions are incredibly important.

Happy Dog Web Productions is in the business of creating excellent first impressions. We create business websites for a rich array of companies locally and nationally. Whether you are looking for a more sophisticated and complex upgrade to your existing website, or you’re ready to develop a website from scratch, we can help.

Since our inception we've worked to develop fresh and functional websites that have awesome features, such as: interactive media, product education, e-commerce, blogging platforms, social media integration, and much more.


Our No. 1 goal is to build a top-of-the-line business website that will impress you, your company, and your prospective customers. And to do that, our development and design teams work hand-in-hand. 

The designer works with the client to determine the look and feel of the site, and once the designs are approved, it's now time for the developer to write the code and do all the programming that turns the designers plans into an actual reality on-screen. Our designers and developers are in constant communication during each project, and both ensure that the end product is flawless.

As far as the actual coding goes, our developers are highly-trained professionals that are able to create custom web applications, ensure all pages talk to each other, make sure their are no broken links or bad code, and that the final product renders perfectly on all mobile devices and PCs. In addition, the website development projects that we create from scratch are always matched with a content management system (CMS). A CMS helps with the overall organization of the site, and it allows our clients to take charge of the website after it's live.

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