Why Did My Site Drop In Rankings?

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You start to notice your website doesn’t have as much traffic as it used to. Your sales are decreasing slowly even though you’ve been hectically trying everything you can.

Then, you Google your main keywords and BOOM you aren’t on top of Google anymore. This leaves you to wonder… what the heck happened?

This is not a fun situation to be in and time is not on your side. Your site most likely has an SEO issue. I recommend only spending a couple hours on trying to fix this yourself. Once you are stumped, contact a professional to help you. While the site is struggling, your competition can surpass you.

So why did my site drop in rankings?

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People come to us with this question all of the time. There are a variety of factors that could be causing this. Sometimes it is just one small issue, other times it is many of them bundled up together. I’ve produced a list of questions you should ask yourself when you’ve encountered a drop in rankings.

1. How do I deal with a website penalty?

Your site could be penalized for using bad tactics. We see this happen a lot. A business will hire someone to do their SEO. Then, business will spike for a while because they are using spammy strategies. Google will eventually catch on to any poor tactics and plummet your site. It can be very hard to get out of penalties. No one can predict Google.

SEO professionals have the experience and the knowledge to help your website get back on track. Just don’t think anything will be a quick fix. It may take a couple of months to iron things out.

2. What website penalty do I have?

You can Google “latest Google algorithm update” and see if your site was affected by the last Google update. Keep in mind there are several types of Google updates like Panda and Penguin. Usually, the site that lists the updates will also elaborate on what the update is targeting.

For more information on website penalties, read this article from the Unofficial Webmaster Help.

3. How can I outperform my competition?

Your competition may be doing things you aren’t and outperforming you online. That means more profit for them. Sometimes, you just can’t fight it. They could be multi-billion dollar agencies or just ones with really aggressive marketing budgets. The first thing you should do is get a vibrant marketing budget and spend the time plotting your next year out. Another part of your technique should be to find the keyword loopholes that your competition hasn’t utilized.

Vague Example Alert: If your competitor is targeting “Discount Service” heavily, you could try ranking for “Affordable Service”.

To summarize, get a budget and optimize for what isn’t being targeted too heavily already.

4. How should I handle SEO?

This is a super common issue that business owners encounter. Usually, a person reads a couple of blogs and thinks they are capable of doing SEO. They are wrong and only making matters worse. An SEO specialist is a full-time job. googleblog

Some SEO tasks include:

  • Stay up to date with Google Updates

  • Track keywords

  • Create a proper keyword strategy

  • Analyze keywords monthly

  • Implement SEO on to the site and into new content

  • Finding links

  • Editing title tags and metas

  • Adwords

Make sure to have a seasoned professional handle your SEO, whether it is in-house or you hire an agency. SEO can do wonders for your online marketing strategy if done right.

What is the best content for SEO?

Fresh content is killer. Especially when this content is masterfully designed and executed. This doesn’t mean shooting out a blog every day. It means creating engaging content that is helpful and related to your industry.

Believe it or not, the best content is not the content laid richly with keywords. It is the content that is shared. What makes it shareable? It’s quality, new information, written for the user rather than Google. In order to get shared on social media or linked to on another website, you need to make it something they want to use naturally.

Is my website design outdated?

Have you had the same site since 2010? If so, you are going to need to upgrade your site. Your website represents you more than your company’s building, business card, and conference room combined. Anyone at any time can see your website, 24/7. It is an all-access tour. People are always on the go, so it better be mobile friendly too.

You should take your website design seriously. Not only do you have to create that stellar first impression, you have to visually guide them into making a decision that affects your business. Whether you want users to fill out a form, download an e-book or call you, your design is crucial for impressions and business conversions.


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Written by Chelsea Hennen

Chelsea Hennen

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