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Always loyal.

Why is this phrase all over our website you ask?

It is one of our core values, one of the requirements to be a part of our team, and overall what we stand for. Like loyal dogs, we are by your side. We are ready to help you succeed with your company's marketing and web development goals.

What is loyalty?

Being loyal means:
  • clock  Staying late to get a project done when a client is on a deadline
  • checking in on clients  Checking in to see how clients are doing 
  • time-sensitive  Being aware of time-sensitive projects
  • analytics  Keeping up with analytics to make sure each client is living up to it’s potential
  • fair pricing  Implementing a fair pricing plan
  • thumbs up  Caring about each client's success
  • shopping cart  Only selling clients services they need
  • quality-checking  Quality checking every piece of work to make sure it is top of the line

What does that have to do with Happy Dog Web Productions?

Happy Dog web productions circle loyal logo

It is our natural instinct to ALWAYS be loyal to our customers. Our customers are the reason that we get out of bed every morning and come to work with a smile.

When we take on a new client, they are not just a one-and-done project for us. We are there for support (site maintenance, marketing, revamps, or even a phone call to chat) whenever they need; whether it is before, during, or after the project is through.

They know that if they are in a pinch, we will always do our best to fix their problem as soon as possible. Their success is our success.

Why is loyalty important for marketing?

Marketing is a large responsibility for any agency. Our clients are trusting us with their hard-earned money in hopes of their business’ growth. By managing their social media, paid ads, email campaigns, and content creation, we are in charge of many of the main touchpoints to their customers. That’s a big deal!

We have heard horror stories from companies that have been abused by marketing agencies. For example, $2500 for two blog articles or $400 a month for paid ads that got them no conversions. We can assure you that is not being loyal. Loyalty is helping business owners retire, take a vacation, or gain enough of a reputation to sell their business because of their growth.

Although loyalty is mostly unspoken in the marketing process, the proof is in the numbers. Monthly reports are key to understanding how a marketing agency can help a business and prove to you that they are staying loyal. It is a reassuring feeling when you get a report that says, “Your investment was $900. But, due to call tracking and form fill outs, we estimated that you earned $20,000 of revenue” Another example of what a loyal team would tell you is, “Although numbers have been down this month, it was because your site speed went down due to a newly installed plugin. We now have it fixed. Your numbers should go back up next month.” That is work done by a team that cares about your success.

Why is loyalty important for website development?

loyalty and website development

Your website is the face of your business, one of the main tools for users to buy your product or service. These days most people having their phone at their fingertips, so it is especially important. Any loyal agency will recognize that and act on it on your behalf. They should be there to help you impress users and get the most conversions from your site.

Whether you are worried about user experience, page speed, capabilities, design, or otherwise, you should know each is a huge factor in earning more conversions from your site.  Your website should be as important as your retail store, conference room, or the restaurant you take your client to. It needs to scream your brand image, be up to date, and be frictionless for users.

That is why you need a loyal web development team that will make sure you have a site that looks and performs flawlessly. If your site goes down, they should know and get it up immediately. If you have a tight deadline and they work with you to meet that deadline, you’ve got a loyal team. These are the things that make a web development team stand out from the rest.

What does that mean for your company?

If you’re on the hunt for a new website or help with digital marketing, Happy Dog is always loyal and by your side until the end. We truly care about each one of our clients.

Our dedication and passion for the individuals we come across is what sets us apart from the rest. Our employees know your name without looking in their CRM. They know the hardships of your business. They work hard every day to make sure that you are getting the most out of your marketing or website investment.

Want to talk about a future with Happy Dog? Give us a call! We’d love to chat!

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Written by Madison Ferry

Madison Ferry

As a digital marketing specialist, I strive to help businesses succeed online. I excel at social media marketing, content creation, and growing brands. Feel free to reach out!

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