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Typography for the win

Back in the day, having an exquisite font on your website meant you most likely used it in Photoshop and imported it as an image. Very slowly, browsers started to allow visualization of more and more fonts. But they were still basic.

Then, CSS had evolved to the point where you could import and use any font that you could make cross-browser friendly. That was the big caveat for a while. The really nice fonts were expensive. Shout out to Type Kit and Google Fonts for changing that. Kind of like new technology, prices dip, and usage goes up. Goodbye Arial based websites.

As the web continues to evolve, so do the tools developers and designers have for bringing web typography to life. In 2015, more designers and developers will take advantage of typography (hopefully). It is such a powerful tool when used correctly. An example of some good typography would be a site like 


Mobile is the rule, not the exception

We have plenty of posts on here about mobile. A while back, mobile used to be the exception, not the rule. Now it is the rule, not the exception. Anyone who isn’t designing and developing with mobile in mind is missing the boat so far that the project is likely to fail at some level.

Responsive continues to dominate. Since 2013 responsive design has solidified itself as the gold standard for development practices. You can definitely see this by looking at the “out of the box” theme and template for WordPress and Joomla!. Some sites choose to use a specific mobile site, and while that is fine, it hasn’t seen the rise in popularity that responsive design has.

Do you need more influence on this? According to Spectrum Futures, one billion people will use mobile as their only form of Internet access in 2015.

Responsive Web Design

Anyone up for some cards?

Do you need to be conveying rapid-fire content in concise bursts? Why not? “Card” style layouts do this and do it effectively. Cards allow online visitors to get an immediate peek at the news, services, products, and more.

What is the best example of this? Pinterest has done this and it’s this card layout that has propelled its popularity. Additionally, the card’s small and nimble size allows easy integration for responsive layouts. But, start surfing the web. You will notice more and more card style integrations. Here is an agency that leans on this heavily: Otherwise, peek at the kingpin,

Pinterest on Android

My top 3

Typography is a powerful tool. Now we can start to use it properly. Woot! Do your design and development process mobile-first. Make it mandatory. Interested in trying something new? Consider a card layout. It’s the “wildcard” of my top 3, and now since I have typed this, I realize it is the worst joke I have ever typed for this blog. Sorry!

You could get nutty and create a mobile-ready website with exquisite typography that uses some form of card layout. But tread carefully, it should be done by a professional.

There are a few other trends that will potentially see a lot of attention in 2015. Let’s peek at the “honorable mention”.

Honorable mention

These trends will also see a rise in 2015, so keep an eye out for them.

  • Ghost buttons
  • Scrolling to navigate
  • Large, Beautiful Background Images & Videos
  • Micro-interactions / personalized content

Do you want me to expand on one of these? Do you have any other trends we should consider? I want to hear your opinions on these. Leave them in the comments below.

Written by Ryan Boog

Ryan Boog

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