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It is that time of the year again, the new marketing budget is in and you have some money to help improve your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, the proposal of an in-office hot tub will never get approved... So, where to start? There are many ways to breathe new life into your marketing strategy for the new year. Some ways are easier on the budget than others, but all of these options will help your company have a successful 2014.

Mobile and Responsive Design

If your website has not become mobile yet, now is the time to do so. Fifty-six percent of all American adults own a smartphone and mobile websites are being created faster than original websites were being created back in the 1990s. If your website is not mobile in this fast-paced world, then make this your first priority of the new year. Fifty-one percent of customers say they are more likely to buy a product or service from you if you have a functioning mobile website. This is because consumers are always on the go, and they want information to always be accessible.

If you already have a mobile site, is it responsive to all platforms? 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from a wide array of mobile devices. Responsive design will adapt your website to any device. This design will ensure your site is readable, links are clickable, and videos are playable. Having this flexible design will increase traffic and create a pleasing experience for your visitors.  

New Content

This area is not something to skimp on in your new budget. Content has become so critical in marketing today, that many businesses are creating a content marketing department. Content is necessary to get your brand known as an authority in your industry. If you aren’t constantly creating new material, you are missing out on a huge part of the marketing game. When a customer has a question, you want your content to be the best offer. It boosts your credibility, converts a visitor into a customer, and increases traffic to your site. Content creation involves a lot of research and skill. Then there is the writer themselves. They must be able to create content that jumps off of the page and educates the reader. This material can range from videos to podcasts too so they should be a jack of all trades. So, it important to find someone with a lot of experience or a professional company that can provide high quality content for your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to improve your website ranking? SEO can help. SEO is necessary in today’s digital marketing. advises to “jump on SEO and avoid extinction.”  SEO is effective because it discovers and analyzes how your target audience searches for your industry. This tool offers a way to track how your customer navigates from what they initially searched to what they bought. Search engines crawl through your site, indexing notable keywords and links. SEO provides information that will help you tailor your website to be more attractive to search engines and visitors. There are also SEO tools that are used to show trending topics in your industry and specific keywords that should be included when creating content. So SEO is a wise addition to your marketing tool belt if you want to increase site traffic, search engine rankings, and create alluring content.

Updated Website Design

Websites need to stay current like everything else. There are always new designs and tools that will improve the look and functionality of your site. This is a very affordable option that will get your consumers buzzing. Keeping your website design up to date with current technology will enable it to load faster and stay compatible with browsers. This will result in easier navigation, happier customers, and more sales. After all, you want the customer to have a positive experience on your site just as they would face to face.

Easy Navigation

It doesn’t matter how awesome your site looks if a visitor can’t navigate it. Therefore, it is important that your site not only looks good, but it is easy to use. You won’t generate sales if your visitors cannot browse and buy things quickly and effortlessly. You want your site to have a clear and simple layout that is a piece of cake to use. Think of your website as a store that is always open. Having a functional site will result in excellent customer service by accommodating your customers needs.

The Fab Five

These are five ways to spice up your site and digital marketing for the new year. You can attract more traffic to your site with SEO and excellent content. Then make the sale by having a snazzy design with easy to use features that will delight your customers as well as actively engage them. So even though a hot tub might not be in the cards for this year, a succesful year in marketing can be.

Written by Chelsea Hennen

Chelsea Hennen

As a digital marketing specialist, I help businesses flourish online. I excel at creating traffic, increasing conversions, and growing brands. Your success is my success. Feel free to reach out!

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