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So you are marketing for your business and cannot decide which social media platforms would work best for you. Almost everyone has a Facebook page, but is it the only social medium that you should include in your strategy?

Just Facebook?

The answer is, probably not. Most people go to extremes with their social media strategy. They either think that they don’t need to put effort into social media because it is not important or they think that they should be on every single platform. Both strategies are incorrect. You should put a lot of efforts into a social media strategy, but only into the correct platforms for YOUR business. Facebook is a great start, but it is not the only social platform that is appropriate for marketing. So we are here to tell you what other social media platforms there are, what they can offer you, and what will work best for your brand.

Which Platform Would Work Best For Your Company?

While a lawyer does not necessarily need to be on Instagram, it could be a brewery's most important profile. The difference? A lawyer needs to seem professional and caring, while a brewery should promote their fun environment and new beers. People love looking at a semi-artsy photo of beer, but wouldn’t really like looking at a headshot of a lawyer.

To be successful at making your social media strategy, put yourself in your ideal customers’ shoes. What are they doing every day? What do they like to look at when they check their newsfeed? If you can tailor your content to work to the platform's purpose, you may have found your spot!

Benefits Of Each Social Media Platform

The first step to understanding which platform you can use to your advantage is knowing what makes each one special. Facebook is great for a general brand page, but other social media sites offer things that Facebook does not. If you can find one or more of these platforms where your brand will fit in, you can really flourish online.

TWITTER twitter benefits

  • It is a great site for interacting with others

  • Many industries are welcomed on Twitter- politics, business tips, funny memes, and all things in between

  • It is more informal than some other sites

  • There isn’t an algorithm for who sees your Tweets, it is in chronological order

  • Hashtags help to spread your content

  • Many industry influencers are on Twitter

LINKEDIN linkedin benefits

  • Business professionals are on this platform

  • Great for sharing content that is related to the workplace

  • You can find potential clients on this site

  • Find great candidates for job openings

  • Gives a very descriptive bio of what your company is about

  • Easy to maintain

INSTAGRAM instagram benefits

  • Trendy items such as drinks, food, clothing, or sports, etc. are popular on Instagram

  • A great way to show the fun side of your company

  • Is an informal social app

  • Almost always used on mobile, so you are literally at a user’s fingertips

  • Users can buy items straight from the platform

  • There are industry and lifestyle influencers on Instagram

  • Hashtags help spread your content

  • Show your content through pictures versus telling through text

SNAPCHAT snapchat benefits

  • You can identify with people at a personal level

  • Geofilters can be used on people’s photos and then sent out to millions which is great for brand awareness

  • It is a great way to get the behind the scenes personality of your company out to users

PINTEREST Pinterest benefits

  • Great for sharing blogs and pictures

  • Sends links directly back to your website without it being an obvious sale

  • The demographic is mostly women on this site

  • Once a pin takes off, it can go viral quickly

  • Users don't have to be following you to see your pins

  • A platform where users are very open about their goals & desires

HOUZZ houzz benefits

  • Only for home related items or services

  • Users can buy right off of the website

  • Users can share your pictures to their personal boards

  • There is a business listing that people can search through for services they need

  • Users can give reviews

  • Opportunities for awards on your company page if you have a great profile

  • Users can ask questions about your product right on the photo

STUMBLEUPON stumbleupon benefits

  • Content gets rotated to users by their interests

  • Users can like an article and then it will be saved to their page

  • Get a page view on your website just because a user gets shown your article

REDDIT reddit benefits

  • People look for news, tips, or funny things

  • Is great for controversial topics

  • There are up votes and down votes so that users can judge your content- if you have good content it will likely get more views

YOUTUBE youtube benefits

  • Video content is HUGE right now

  • Can share YouTube videos on your other profiles

  • Welcomes almost any industry

  • Shares information in a different way than text

  • Great for evergreen content that will be used for years to come

GOOGLE+ Google plus benefits

  • Great for SEO

  • Perfect for sharing blog content or pictures

  • Easy to maintain

YELP YELP benefits

  • Necessary for most companies but especially services

  • Users can leave reviews

  • Shares location and information about business

  • Perfect for sharing pictures of the company and the company's work

  • Easy to maintain

The Next Steps

Once you have found social media platforms where you think your company will flourish, it is time to come up with a strategy for each one. It is important that each strategy is tailored to the specific platform. Anyone can come up with content and put it on every single site, but that is not the way to be successful. To come up with a great strategy, take a look at this blog.

Written by Madison Ferry

Madison Ferry

As a digital marketing specialist, I strive to help businesses succeed online. I excel at social media marketing, content creation, and growing brands. Feel free to reach out!

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