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We all know that social media is important for gaining customers in almost every industry. The real question is why? What part of social media makes customers want to choose you as their service/product provider? The strategy is simple, structure your social media so that customers can find all of the information they need in one spot. Walk them through the buying cycle in your social media strategy so that they will have no reason to click off and search for a different company. Doing this will increase sales and your KPI's. Which as a digital marketing specialist, is your ultimate goal. 

How people interact with social media

Think back to a time when you wanted to go to a restaurant in a new city. You probably looked on Yelp or Facebook with expectations in mind. At first, you probably clicked on profiles of those you’ve heard of before.

Then you looked through their profile and hoped to see hours of operation, pictures, a menu, specials that were going on, events that were taking place, the atmosphere, prices, and good reviews. If that all satisfied your interest, you might click through to their website to do a final inquiry. Lastly, you will probably make a reservation or stop by the one of your choosing.

If any of the restaurants were missing one of those details, you might leave their page and start looking elsewhere.

How this affects your business

That shows you how fast you can lose a sale. The more competitors you have, the faster the search through your page will end before they look elsewhere. So make it as simple as possible for them to get to an answer.

You need to walk the potential customer through the buying process until they reach the purchase stage. Then even after they purchase your product or service, keep them happy so that they may come back and write you a good review or make another purchase!

Utilize your resources

Social media is a free resource that you should capitalize on. When you are making your profile, think of what your customer does to get to the purchase stage. Then, make sure every one of those questions is answered throughout your social media profile. Below you will find some ways that you can reach a customer at every stage in the buying cycle.

The Buying Cycle

Each stage in the buying cycle is a process that a customer goes through before they make their final purchase decision. If you bring them through each step of it in your social media strategy, it is likely that you will make a sale. If they are not aware of your company or do not see how it benefits their lives, they will probably go somewhere else.

The buying cycle in social media

Awareness- Make your brand be known

  • Interact with other people's posts

  • Run paid social posts

  • Get others to engage with your social profile (ask questions, conversate)

  • Run contests in order to get more shares and comments

This Facebook ad popped up in my Facebook news feed to show me about the services offered by UberEats. Before this popped up, I didn't know the service was offered. This is a great example of making potential customers aware of your products. 

facebook ad


Consideration- Explain on a broad level what you do and how you can help

  • Make people want to click through to your social profile to read more of your content

  • Promote information on how your product or service could help someone

  • Get people to click on your pictures

This Facebook post from How Sweet It Is has multiple pictures which makes users want to click through to see the rest of the cake designs. By doing this, they make people stop scrolling and focus on their brand. They also are increasing their click rate on their Facebook analytics. 

how sweet it is

Interest- What makes you stand out from other companies
  • Get them to like your page

  • Include your website on each social media profile

  • Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or other social media

  • Look at your competitors and make your page better than theirs

  • Let people know about any special events that are coming up

This Twitter bio shows the what Happy Dog is all about, includes the website, and location. This shows that Happy Dog is professional, fun, and produces high-quality content. That is why we stick out from other companies. 

twitter hd

Preference- Show your value and how you can solve a customer's problem
  • Answer: Why are you the best choice for them?

  • Point out what do you do that others do not

  • Ensure customer service- include testimonials or push for good reviews

This Facebook post on A Garage Door & Gate Store's profile shows a positive testimonial that a customer had given. This gives users proof that the company gives great customer service. 

fb post

Purchase- Give all the information needed to make a purchase
  • Give prices so that consumers can compare the value they will get

  • Tell them how long it takes to get the product. Is there free shipping?

  • Tell them how to purchase (online, app, or through store)

  • Promote any discounts or promotions that are happening

  • Update your store hours regularly so that they are always correct

This Facebook post from Primp gives users all the information they would need to purchase this outfit. It has the price and the product code so that they can call the store and order it with ease. 


Most importantly, create trust

Most companies are concerned giving this information out before a salesperson is able to contact the prospect. This is a valid concern, but in all reality, consumers these days want quick information that tells them if the solution will meet their needs or not.

If your product/service doesn’t meet their needs, you probably don’t want them as a customer anyway. They will only be disappointed. Disappointment leads to bad reviews, returned products, and negative words being said about your brand.

Focus on showing your true colors during the buying cycle so that customers can fall in love with your brand. That is where you will find success.

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Written by Madison Ferry

Madison Ferry

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