How To Use Google AdWords? Don't Do It Yourself

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Google AdWords is a system that allows marketers to get products and services in front of audiences when they search or use any Google-affiliated site. Through a bidding process, these short text ads will appear based on pre-selected key phrases and provide a URL link to a website or specific web page. More businesses are using AdWords, but it may not be a wise decision. We'll explain the "how" and "why" so you can better understand Google AdWords.

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How to use Google AdWords?

This may sound controversial, but it seems like Google is trying to make things easy for beginners. They want beginners to feel confident enough to spend their money. In reality, you really shouldn't touch AdWords unless you know all of the options and some advanced digital marketing knowledge.

How Google “Helps” Beginners:

  • Google guide's you through the signup process and offer “?” explanations near almost every term and option.

  • Enter your landing page URL and Google will recommend ad groups and keywords. This takes the place of the keyword research that should be done for a campaign.

  • They also have a sample ad next to the where you create your ads.

Google is holding the beginner's hand through the whole process.

They are tricking the new AdWords user into feeling comfortable and unwisely spending their money. The beginner may think everything is good to go, but in reality, their campaign is expensive and underwhelming.

Beginners Doing AdWords = Lighting Your Money on Fire

AdWord campaigns require a lot of thought and expertise. It's easy to find poor ads. Here are some companies with some BIG AdWords mistakes.


Mistake: Minioseta? Not a place in all. Whoever is in charge of this ad should be fired.


Mistakes: No part of this ad is optimized. The only thing they have is “Call Us Today”. This ad is missing out on explaining their services, qualifications, and offers. There is quite a lot of information you can add to an ad (as seen in that poorly titled ad above).


Mistakes: The top ad needs an expanded title and capitalized callouts. The second ad has their $57 offer listed twice. Once as a callout and once as a site link. They are wasting prime real estate here.

Here's an example of a decent ad:



  • A catchy title that attracts users and stands out

  • Persuasive content

  • CTA at the end of that description

  • Keyword in the URL

  • Callouts are used

  • Services are highlighted

  • Sitelinks are all helpful links (I would get rid of the tips & video ones)

I would recommend adding a phone number to this ad and some awesome reviews too.

some MORE ADWORDS basics:

  • Every word should be capitalized

  • Make as many specific ad groups as possible

  • Use ad extensions

  • Don’t bid the full bid

  • Target specific locations and times for your ads

  • You want a high CTR and low CPC

  • Pick appropriate landing pages or have them made (by pros)

  • Never use broad match. Use phrase and exact

  • Add negative keywords to block out keywords you don’t want your ad to show up for

  • Make sure everything is mobile friendly.

More and more businesses are jumping on the AdWords bandwagon once they see their competitors ads. But beginners beware as setting up and using AdWords for your business is not as easy as it seems. We highly recommend you avoid trying this out by yourself/internally and hire an experienced agency.

Written by Chelsea Hennen

Chelsea Hennen

As a digital marketing specialist, I help businesses flourish online. I excel at creating traffic, increasing conversions, and growing brands. Your success is my success. Feel free to reach out!

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