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When you search for something online, how often do you click on the top link on the result page? The top websites are there because they are the best answer for your search. So is that all SEO? Or does digital marketing play a part in a high ranking website too? You see, SEO is not a digital marketing strategy on its own. However, SEO plays a vital role in digital marketing. It is time to finally end the confusion surrounding SEO and digital marketing.

A Simple Breakdown of SEO

SEO is a way to get attract more people to your site. The strategy optimizes a website so it ranks higher on a search engine’s result page like Google or Bing. This is achieved by understanding the search engine’s algorithm and finding out what people are searching for. SEO looks at the keywords and terms people are using when they search, so you can tailor your site to be attractive to the search engine. This way you will know how your target audience is searching and your website will be the most relevant answer. Traffic to your site is like a visitor to a store, and you always want to be busy! This technique is very helpful in boosting traffic to your site, but it is only a piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

Digital Marketing Includes That and More

Digital marketing is using today’s digital technology to engage the customer on a channel that is more personal than ever before. This marketing involves a social aspects like social media, high quality content, and mobile devices. Social media allows you to attract and engage people to get your brand noticed. Companies use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to post interesting material like videos, pictures, articles, and research pertaining to their industry to show their brand’s credibility and personality.

The content that is posted on these social media sites and website blogs is critical to digital marketing. It must be high quality material that is worth reading, otherwise posting it would be pointless. The material your brand produces must be thought-provoking, educating, and captivating so the reader trusts your brand as an expert on the subject. You want your content to be so prodigious you are seen as an authority in your industry. Content creation is needed for SEO success so your keywords can be effective and your material will appeal to the search engine’s results.

Another enormous part of digital marketing is mobility. A lot of today's searches are from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets while the individual is on the go. So it is imperative that your content and site is available to anyone, anywhere and on any device. Easy navigation allows for easy reading, sharing, and buying of material on your site. Accommodating today's fast and easy lifestyle with an adaptive website will result in an abundance of conversions.

How SEO Fits into Digital Marketing

Digital marketing makes visitors into customers. First it attracts a customer. This can be done by a blog, a type of social media, or keywords from SEO that help your site show up in searches. SEO fits into this category of attracting customers by increasing the exposure of your site. Then these potential customers visit the website and are persuaded by your call to action which converts visitors to leads. High quality content on your site educates and persuades the lead that you are the best option and closes the sale. Digital marketing allows for you to still engage with a customer after a sale and pleased customers will spread the word about your site. 

The More You Know

So now when you see the top search results, you know that it is both SEO and successful digital marketing that make a website rank higher. SEO cannot boost your site by itself. Search engines will only pick the most compatible answer, so you must have an exceptional website with high quality content to back up your SEO. So hopefully this saves some future headaches when thinking about digital marketing and everything that goes into it.

Written by Chelsea Hennen

Chelsea Hennen

As a digital marketing specialist, I help businesses flourish online. I excel at creating traffic, increasing conversions, and growing brands. Your success is my success. Feel free to reach out!

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