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Today is Give to the Max Day here in Minnesota, and in honor of this awesome day we wanted to announce the recipient of our annual giveaway.

Since our inception, Happy Dog has made it a point to do a little something to give back each year. Last year we were fortunate to work with the Bryan McDonough Military Heroes Foundation, and this year’s nonprofit of choice is: Hope 4 Moms.

Hope 4 Moms was founded by Kari Bristol and it’s just getting started. Once the organization is ready to go, it will provide resources for struggling single moms in the Twin Cities. Bristol’s strong faith in Christ is what guides her business plan, with the organization’s mission being: To be a representative on Christ’s behalf to bring justice and hope to single moms and their children. This work will be done through connecting moms with mentors, and forming a relationship with those mentors with the goal of improving lives.

Why did we chose them?

Why did we choose Hope 4 Moms? As of 2010, there were approximately 13.6 million single parents in the U.S. responsible for caring for 21.2 million children. And of those single parents, 80 percent are single mothers. Of the single mothers, 80 percent have some form of employment, and 50 percent are employed full-time. And, now for the most disheartening statistic, 27 percent of single mothers live with their children in poverty. This combined with actually meeting Kari made us want to dive right in.

Hope 4 Moms will be receive about $5,000 in our services, which includes a new website. We’re giving it to the max. And loving it.

Get involved

If you wish to help out with Hope 4 Moms, please contact us and we can put you in touch. Also, if you want to learn more about Give to the Max Day, go to givemn.org.

Stay tuned to see the beautiful website we create for this wonderful organization!

Written by Caitlin Burgess

Caitlin Burgess

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