What is Evergreen Content?

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Looking for a boost in your SEO? Think about the durability and longevity of your content. When it comes to creating content for a website, most people turn to trending topics and new findings.

While these topics may produce interest in your site, they are only temporary. Soon you are back to the drawing board trying to find the next new fad. But what about articles that always hold interest? Evergreen content is your answer. Even though this content takes more work than a quick news article, the results pay off.

What is Evergreen Content?


Just as an evergreen tree is always green, your evergreen content will always have interest. 

Evergreen content is vital information that will stay relevant over a long period of time. This is only possible if your content is of high quality and extremely useful. Choose a topic that your company specializes in and then give a comprehensive and detailed explanation. It is okay if this applies more to your industry than your customers. Any high-quality information that causes web traffic to your site is fantastic. 

A successful article will be used as a reference by other websites. Examples of ever-lasting content include: frequently asked questions, historical information, tutorials, and lists of resources or related content. Try to keep away from anything that involves dates or time. This includes upcoming events, statistics, or breaking news. Ask yourself if your topic will still be appealing in a year.

The Advantages of Evergreen Content

Although this content can be exhausting to make, it provides many benefits to your site. When executed correctly you will establish your brand as a leader in your industry. The evergreen contents’ consistent popularity will keep it highly ranked in search engines. This will continually attract traffic to your website. Then you can utilize this established article as a lead to your other blogs. 

5 Things to Keep in Mind

Even though this content seems bbulletproof it will still need some maintenance every once in a while to stay effective:

1. Establish which content has become evergreen-worthy.

Check to see if the content is a leading article on your site and it is not a news-related topic. Then keep the keywords in mind to help you brainstorm for more evergreen content in the future.

2. Keep content updated.

It is important to add or take away any information that has changed over time. Remember that this shouldn’t be very often since the topic is not news-related. It is best to simply edit your post instead of writing a whole new one.

3. Link other articles to your evergreen content to spread interest throughout your site.
4. Notice each content’s call-to-action or CTA.

You should keep these updated as well. It is crucial that the CTA compliments the post so you can give the best service to your readers. This will drive possible sales your way.

5. Make sure that your posts are search engine optimized.

This can be a complicated process, but it is very necessary to get the most out of your post. If you have an article with a lot of attention try to add other keywords to the post to increase their rank.

Always keep your eye out for this golden content! This is a must-have marketing strategy and a vital resource for a successful business website. Trending topics are fun and easy to write, but having evergreen content ensures some stability in your posts. Evergreen topics are a way to write articles that last and strong way to do SEO.


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Chelsea Hennen

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