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If I had a dollar for every time I told someone what my job was and they responded with a deer in the headlights look, I would be rich enough to quit! To most, a “digital marketing specialist” sounds like a foreign language. I am fortunate enough to have a job that didn’t exist when I was born. It just amazes me how many people have digital marketing all wrong. Come on, it is 2016! We have hoverboards, but online marketing is a mystery? Let me set things straight.

Digital marketing, online marketing, and internet marketing are all the same thing. Digital marketing is an online marketing strategy that includes SEO (search engine optimization), content creation, and social media management. (These are the basics. I won’t elaborate and complicate things.) Here are the things that AREN’T true about digital marketing:

#1 Digital marketing isn't effective.

There are many business owners out there that think digital marketing isn’t necessary. They couldn’t be more wrong. Digital marketing is now the norm. It is a marketing strategy that allows you to reach your consumers 24/7. An awesome online presence will grow your business and give you a leg up on your competitor. Last year, digital marketing generated 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but cost 62% less. (Source: HubSpot) This online marketing strategy also provides boat loads of valuable data.

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#2 My business can’t afford digital marketing.

This is one of the most common misconceptions I hear. Digital marketing is a wise investment for your company. Let’s say you spend $1000 a month on digital marketing. The sales generated by your new online presence will most likely cover the cost and then some. 71% of companies plan to increase their digital marketing budgets this year (Source: Webbiquity). If digital marketing doesn’t work, why are people investing more into it?

#3 Anyone can do a digital marketer's job.

Please, please, please… don’t just hire someone off the street to do your digital marketing! I see businesses get burned by hiring poor agencies or people all of the time. It is a costly mistake and they can destroy your online presence. Your website will get penalized by Google and your sales will plummet. Don’t throw your money away. Do your research and find an agency with years of creditable digital marketing experience.

#4 Digital marketing = Social media

My job is more than updating your Facebook! Sometimes, I don’t even touch my clients social media pages. I will do other things like SEO, email newsletters, or content creation. Social media is only a piece of the puzzle. Keep in mind your business may not need every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

#5 Blogs aren’t important.

Constant content on your site is very important. Putting helpful articles on your site increases your credibility and helps consumers move down the sales funnel. You don’t have to call it a blog either, you can label the section as tip or news depending on the tone of your website.

blog#6 I will instantly rank first on Google once I start SEO.

If someone is promising you this, run! The goal of digital marketing is NEVER to rank first on Google. Depending on your industry you may never rank first. What matters is an increase in traffic to your site, sales, and interaction with users.

#7 Google Adwords is the best way to rank.

Google Adwords is a bit like a drug. It will increase sales and traffic to your site and everything will seem awesome. However, if you stop the ads the high will end and your site will be down in the dumps. Your digital marketing strategy should include more than just Google Adwords. It should be paired with SEO and content creation.

Do you have digital marketing questions?

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Written by Chelsea Hennen

Chelsea Hennen

As a digital marketing specialist, I help businesses flourish online. I excel at creating traffic, increasing conversions, and growing brands. Your success is my success. Feel free to reach out!

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