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You know the power of first impressions.

That is why you’ve invested in your business’ building. You keep the area clean, make sure your receptionist is friendly, it might even put a smile on your face walking in every day and seeing your snazzy setup.

But there is another place you need to invest in- your website. We’ve met so many business owners that are reluctant to invest a penny in their current website. They prefer to invest in the things that can physically see at their office. So many business owners think this way, we’ve decided to write this article to help explain the concept.

Your website is more important than your lobby. It can be visited 24/7, 365 days a year.


Let’s break things down a bit.

Here is what people typically invest a lot of money in right away for their building.


  • Your logo on sign for the wall

  • Receptionist desk

  • New paint job

  • Lighting

  • Chairs

Conference room:

  • Projector

  • Large conference table

  • Wall decor

  • Nice chairs for everyone

All of this can easily add up to be $50,000 or more.

What you can invest money in for your website:

  • Website redesign & development
  • Hosting
  • Digital marketing

But doing all of this can vary dramatically in cost, and often we see people go the “cheap” route.

Think of How Your Audience Reaches You

Business owners often tend to overlook that their website is the most common way their audience can see and interact with them. It’s in the palm of their hand as they are deciding to give you a call or visit your location. If that isn’t powerful, I don’t know what is.

Let’s look at some examples of what we are talking about. Look at this nice office lobby. It looks clean, professional, modern, and impressive.


Their website? Not so much.

rsz aecomwebsite 1

You wouldn’t put a flimsy desk made of cinder blocks and plywood as a table in your conference room, would you?

Here's an example of an office lobby & website that both knock it out of the park in terms of design and effort:


rsz audobonweb

Can you see the difference? Your website needs to be optimized for attractiveness and perform well on any device in 2017.

Give your site some love in 2017

Investing more in your website is crucial. Here’s why. Your website can be seen from anywhere at anytime. A well-designed website will do everything your physical location can and more. An excellent performing website brings clients through the funnel resulting in leads for you to capitalize on. Believe me. I see the benefits of optimized websites every day.

Written by Chelsea Hennen

Chelsea Hennen

As a digital marketing specialist, I help businesses flourish online. I excel at creating traffic, increasing conversions, and growing brands. Your success is my success. Feel free to reach out!

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