50 Signs It's Time To Give Your Marketing Team The Boot

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In the words of Donald Trump:“You’re Fired!” You may not be running for president this year, but you are running a business. And your website is critical to your business so don’t waste your time on a digital marketing team that’s tripping over themselves to bring you only mediocre results.

Whether you’re working with an agency or you have an in-house marketing staff, here are 50 signs that it may be time to get them the boot:

They’re hurting your business ...

  1. You’re losing customers.

  2. Your brand’s personality is not being communicated through your website, blog or social platforms.

  3. You’re not getting leads through your website.

  4. It seems like they’re treating your customers like numbers.

  5. They’re spending money and not generating much ROI.

They seem to be overpromising …

  1. They’ve told you that they guarantee first-page, organic Google rankings. A skilled marketer can certainly catapult your website to the top of search results, but if they say they guarantee first page rankings, they’re not being realistic, in our opinion.

They’re not delivering on what they promised ...

  1. The marketers are just going through the motions and not giving your site individual consideration. All brands require different techniques to put together a viable campaign.

  2. If they can’t adequately explain how a digital marketing campaign will improve your business.

  3. If they can’t stick to the marketing budget you’ve given them.

They aren’t providing you with in-depth reporting ...

  1. They aren’t reporting to you about their work and the results they’re producing on at least a monthly basis.

  2. They’re only using “hits” as a metric when reporting. (That doesn’t mean anything nowadays.)

  3. Or they’re only focused on keyword rankings. Keyword rankings consistently fluctuate and they’re not the only indication of how well you are or aren’t doing. They’re certainly important, but not the only thing to care about.

  4. They don’t report what you need to know like your site’s KPI’s, organic traffic, social media stats, endorsements, etc.

  5. There is no information on clients such as surveys or testimonials.

  6. They don’t have a list of your competitors with details about them (How many links to they have? Where are they getting links? What keywords are they trying to rank for? Where are they ranking in results compared to you?

  7. They aren’t keeping detailed stats of your SEO profile, such as how many links you have or how your domain authority has grown since your campaign began.

They just aren’t performing ...

  1. Or they don’t know how to take advantage of what is performing well.

  2. They are not responding to consumers’ questions, comments, and complaints on social media or review sites.

  3. Your keywords aren’t ranking well.

  4. They seem to be juggling a lot, yet not getting things done, or finishing them at a quality level.

  5. The content that’s published gets little engagement.

  6. They don’t have a plan or calendar for executing tasks.

  7. Published content is not spread to other sites and platforms.

  8. They are not actively collecting data to see what is working and what is not.

  9. Overnight success is what they expect.

  10. They are not launching campaigns.

  11. Not setting aside time and money for professional development, like going to conferences.

  12. The team doesn’t have a clearly defined plan of how things will get done, and what to expect when things are finished.

They’re stuck in the past ...

  1. Not using a variety of sources for marketing. There are so many tools available to optimize and assist marketing strategies.

  2. They haven’t insisted that you upgrade your website so it’s mobile friendly. If you’re website isn’t mobile friendly you’re missing out on so many potential contacts with consumers.

  3. They don’t have experience with Google Analytics.

  4. If your site isn’t locally recognized and ranked.

  5. There are no standardized checklists/documents for everyone to follow to ensure content quality.

  6. Your business isn’t on any social media platforms or they’re on unnecessary platforms.

  7. There is no personalization to create a unique user experience.

  8. If they believe the best time to post is Tuesday at X time or, the best color for people to click on something is (insert color here). If that were true, then everyone would be doing the same thing. So be weary when you hear big generalizations like that.

  9. They don’t keep up on trends and news.

  10. Content is all on one blog with one big chunk of text.

  11. There are no high-resolution pictures being used, just some free blurry pictures.

  12. They do not focus on the target audience and what they want.

They’re doing these marketing don’ts:

  1. There working without a core persona or personas in mind. (Example: Mrs. Smith is a 45-year-old stay at home mom. She’s an early adopter of technology. She looking for things that will make her life easier. She lives on a budget but is willing to spend a little more for quality. etc.)

  2. Still using old, shady, black hat SEO tactics. (Keyword stuffing, link farms, etc.)

  3. Not being adaptive or quick to jump on marketing opportunities that may arise at any moment.

  4. Content is always aimed towards Google, not the consumers.

  5. Twitter posts are flooded with hashtags. (It can come off a bit spammy!)

  6. If they think any content is good content and spam the Web with subpar content.

  7. If they’re outsourcing work to other agencies.

  8. Their marketing campaign is poorly integrated.

  9. If they’re inward marketing: only talking about how awesome your brand is.

  10. They don’t have an adequate budget for digital marketing and your website. Your website needs to give a solid first impression. It shouldn’t be ignored.


Now, if you’re not getting a lot of new leads through your website, don’t immediately blame your marketing team. The same goes for not ranking No. 1 for a dozen different keywords. A quality digital marketing campaign takes work and if you’re aiming to rise organically, it takes a little time, too. With all that said, you should certainly have the right people in place to give you the best possible campaign. If multiple things on this list have resonated with you, it might be time to make a change.


What problems are you facing with your marketing team? Have you taken action or do you need some advice? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Written by Chelsea Hennen

Chelsea Hennen

As a digital marketing specialist, I help businesses flourish online. I excel at creating traffic, increasing conversions, and growing brands. Your success is my success. Feel free to reach out!

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