5 Classic Data Storage Devices - Gone But Not Forgotten

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Most of you will agree with me that in the last 10 years, technology has advanced more than in the entire century prior. One aspect of this technology is digital storage; how the industry and devices have changed.

The inspiration for this post came from my colleague who’s 21 and hadn’t heard of the SNES before!

MP3 Player

5. MP3 Player

Back in the 2000s many of us used to carry MP3 players that had a capacity of 32-128 mb! This would allow for ~10-30 mp3 files and also had the option to store documents and other data.

Magnetic Tape

4. Magnetic Tape

Although magnetic tapes are still used today, they are in a different format. Previously, you could purchase them in the form of a cassette. They used to hold 128 characters per inch. Very unsecure and loss of data used to occur often (too often, to be honest).

3 2

3. Mini Disk

Remember the Minidisc? Many people used to carry them instead of walkmans and mp3 players. Mini Disks used to hold between 300 mb and 650 mb of data and were quite reliable (although pricier) than other external storage devices at the time.

CD Rom


The CD-ROM. Now you might argue CD’s are still used to store data on the move. Yes: however, not these types. The original CD-ROMs didn't have the feature to rewrite data. Once data was written (amount irrelevant), you could write to the CD again. CDs of the type used to hold between 650 mb and 900 mb, if I remember correctly!

Floppy Disk

1. 3 ½-inch Floppy Disk

Ah, finally we have the good old floppy! Who doesn’t remember these bad boys? A capacity of 1.44 MB (Yes, you’ll need 2-3 to store one MP3). These used to be the most widely used medium of external storage. Every person had one. Every student used to use one for coursework. And every person lost their data using floppies more than once!

So there you have it! My list of five classic data storage devices. Are there any you think I should’ve added to this list?
How about sharing your story of losing your data using one of these devices? Although unfortunate, I’m sure it would make all the younger readers appreciate modern devices more!

Written by Ryan Boog

Ryan Boog

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