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Sometimes digital marketing (also known as online marketing or internet marketing) is an afterthought to a marketing plan and budget. In fact, when you Google the benefits of digital marketing right now, companies are only giving 10 broad benefits to this necessary marketing strategy. This is not right! 

There are many, many, more advantages of digital marketing. I came up with 37 benefits of digital marketing off the top of my head. Hopefully, this will help you understand more of what digital marketing can do for your business.

  1. Increase in traffic

This is obvious but is one of the main reasons why business owners choose to invest in digital marketing.

  1. Grow brand awareness

Owning your online presence can do wonders for your brand. From Google Maps to Instagram, your brand can be everywhere.

  1. Increase in revenue

Digital marketing strategies can produce up to 2.8X better revenue growth for businesses (webs.com).

  1. Access to large amounts of data

Chances are you don’t have data on your online performance. When you hire a digital marketing agency, you will have boatloads of data that will surprise you.

  1. Know your ROI and then improve it

A digital strategy can improve ROI by up to 300% (webs.com).

  1. Take advantage of the internet, the BIGGEST medium

80% of consumers use the internet to make their search for information more convenient (webs.com). A digital marketing agency bridges the gap between your business and consumers online.

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  1. No need to manage

You don’t need to manage anyone when you hire an agency. You simply go on about your work doing what you do best.

  1. Input as much as you’d like

You can be as involved in your online marketing as you’d like. A large company can have their internal marketing work with the digital marketing agency.

  1. Keep up with the trends

Things change rather quickly in the digital world. Investing in digital marketing keeps you ahead of the curb when your competitor’s strategy may be outdated.

  1. Reach customers on their phone

Digital marketing connects you to the 91% of adults in the US who have their phones by their side at all times (webs.com).

  1. Dodge harmful Google penalties

Google penalties can cause great harm to your business. Digital marketing experts monitor Google’s activity so your website and strategy fit within the Google’s best web practices.

  1. Have full web support team behind you

Some digital marketing agencies have an entire development team behind them. This is priceless security to have for your business.

  1. Many experts for the price of one

When hiring a digital marketing agency, you are getting experts in content marketing, SEO, social media, and paid ads. This would cost over $100,000 to have these experts as internal employees.

  1. Beat your competition

Without a doubt, you will beat your competition if you invest more in digital marketing than they do.

  1. See results

The large amount of data from digital marketing allows you to easily see results. Digital marketing lets you see growth in traffic, conversions, call generated from the internet, and more. Then you can see if your investment is worth it for your business.

  1. Improve customer interaction

Digital marketing specialists know how to reach customers and interact with them using your brand’s voice. They know exactly how to create high-quality traffic and interactions.

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  1. Get many more conversions

There is a science behind conversions, it’s more than listing your information or having a form on your site. Digital marketing will make sure you have the right rhetoric and functionality to increase conversions on your site.

  1. Spread your voice

You might be trying your best to spread your voice, but an agency will instantly find dozens of things you could be doing better. There are many platforms to spread your business’ voice.

  1. Keep a professional touch

Sometimes businesses put someone in charge of something online (like social media) because they think it is an easy thing to do. This is not the case and your brand will look unprofessional. A digital marketer has a professional touch to everything and it makes a difference.

  1. Know all about your competition’s presence

Experts can look into your competitor’s online strategies to capitalize on any opportunities. You can see what they are and aren’t doing to gain an upper hand and reach more consumers.

  1. Monthly reports with everything you need to know

Every month you should get a large report that breaks down what the agency did, why, and how it worked. We have a custom app that breaks down analytics, KPIs, and more. This report keeps you in the loop and lets you know how your investment is performing.

  1. Help persuading your CEO

We work with CEO’s and other high-level positions daily. Sometimes, it can be hard to convince them to invest in online concepts. We can help with that by providing loads of data and case studies. With digital marketing out to an agency, your CEO can focus on leading the company.

  1. Improve your website

A static website will get static results. Part of being successful online is changing things on your website when needed. For example, changing the location of a button to increase your conversions by 50%.

  1. Constant content

Get fresh content on your site from content marketing experts. They know how to craft an article that will perform well in terms of traffic, ranking, and lead generation.

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  1. Ability to track your customers

Specialists have the technology and know how to gather data about your customers. Things like where they go on the site, how they navigate your site, what they are clicking, etc. is valuable information to have.

  1. Potential to have things go viral

Sometimes content and social media posts go viral. A digital marketing agency increases the chances of this wonderful thing happening and can extend the time it is viral.

  1. Better engagement

We know web best practices and how to construct content that engages users.

  1. Helps a small business turn into a large business

40% of small business owners report saving money with digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing (webs.com). Not all businesses are using digital marketing yet, which gives you a huge advantage.  

  1. Real time customer service

Has someone ever posted something on your social media sites? Digital marketing specialists can react to posts on your platforms as they occur.

  1. Be an influencer

Our experts can help you be the trusted voice of your industry, making your website the place to go for credible information.

  1. Increase the value of your business

Investing in digital marketing is one of the best decisions you can make to grow your businesses value. Our efforts help CEOs retire and business owners sell their site/business.

  1. Be reachable 24/7

Digital marketing is like having your storefront open all day every day. Consumers can contact you through a form. They can see your services and have common questions answered. Read more about your services and tips in your blog. All while you deal with conversions. This makes digital marketing an indispensable part of your business.

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  1. Have successful ads

Paid ads need to be perfectly executed to be successful. If you don’t utilize every aspect of the ad and use the right voice, you will be wasting your money.

  1. Understand a new level of marketing

You will learn some basics of digital marketing. This will help you keep up to date and understand why your company is growing.

  1. Boost your existing marketing campaign

Already have a marketing strategy? We can help you transform your campaign into something much larger and more powerful. There is always something you can improve on.

  1. Predict future business

The data that comes from digital marketing can help you spot patterns in your business that you may not know existed.

  1. Be search engine optimized

Our experts make sure everything is optimized for Google. A site that is easy for Google to crawl and understand will rank better than a site that isn’t.

So, there you have it. 37 benefits of digital marketing that I came up with in one sitting. There are many more benefits and advantages of digital marketing that are unique to each company. Digital marketing is now a necessity for a successful company. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the experts at Happy Dog

Written by Chelsea Hennen

Chelsea Hennen

As a digital marketing specialist, I help businesses flourish online. I excel at creating traffic, increasing conversions, and growing brands. Your success is my success. Feel free to reach out!

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