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With so much content being consumed through a screen, the ability to reach your audience through the written word is critical. Writing is a skill that is becoming more valuable with every new blog that is posted, every tweet that is crafted, and every website created. This cannot be ordinary content. This content has to be of superior quality.


Who and what is your audience in writing?

Your audience doesn't want regurgitated facts. It wants their questions answered. It wants a solution to their problem. Sometimes your audience is a general group of readers; sometimes you know the individuals who make up the audience; and sometimes you may be writing to yourself. Whenever you write--write to an audience because your audience matters!

No. 1: Know your audience.10 tips to reach your audience through writing infographic

If you don’t know your audience, how can you reach out to them? It is crucial to understand your audience and from where they are coming. Trying to think from their shoes can spark more ideas to write about too. For example, if you are writing a blog for stay at home moms, think about what they deal with on a day to day basis.

All that work sounds tiring, right? Why not write an article on how to relax or the hottest vacation places to go to. These will appeal to your audience and give them a whole spectrum of knowledge instead of just one topic. Asking for feedback and allowing comments on your material can also help you get to know your audience better.

No. 2: Get their attention!

This is something that has been drilled into your head since grade school, but it still holds true and probably will forever: the need for attention getters. You could have life-changing news in your article, but it won’t matter unless you hook the reader’s eye.

Creating catchy, funny, or alerting titles can help attract your readers. Then you have to keep reeling them in by beginning your article with some sort of fact, story, joke, quote, or anything else that makes your reader want to keep reading. If you don’t start off your article with a bang, you won’t have an audience to begin with.

No. 3: Practice makes perfect.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but your first book or article isn’t going to be J.K. Rowling status. Writing is a skill and to perfect a skill you must practice it often. Set aside a time to write every day whether it is a random story or in your journal, the more your brain puts words on the paper, the better. Reading other material is helpful as well, it can teach you more vocabulary and expose you to different styles of writing.

No. 4: Create things your reader will remember.

You want what you wrote to stick with your reader. How cool would it be to know your reader brought up your story while out to dinner or shared it on Facebook. Creating strong ideas and writing them down in a way that moves people is an awesome benefit of writing. Try to make up your own lingo or term for a new idea. Or try to show a different side to something. Anyway you write, try to make it last the test of time and influence your audience. This way your readers will not only remember your content, but you too.

No. 5: Don’t demand.

If you are writing to persuade don’t shove your opinions down the reader’s throat. Nobody likes being told what to do. Instead of demanding a reader, try to just suggest the idea to them. Give them your call to action and provide several outcomes that may arise from it if they do or do not take your advice. This way the reader can evaluate and make their own decision.

No. 6: Spark questions.

Another way to get through to your reader is to make them ponder things. Put a few questions or scenarios in your material from time to time so the reader can relate the article to themselves. Have you had enough fiber today? Oh crap… I haven’t. Right there you have already reached your reader. Making the reader think is a superb way to grasp your audience.

No. 7: Entertain. 

Once you have their attention, don’t bore them to sleep! You shouldn’t pick topics that don’t interest your audience. You have to keep the tempo up for the whole entire article. You shouldn’t get off topic. You also shouldn’t use the same sentence starters, which I have just demonstrated for you now. Spice things up with different words and ideas to keep the readers engaged.

No. 8: Be professional.

This should be known, but it never hurts to say this again: Be professional in your writing. That includes all grammatical and spelling errors. If the peeps don’t think your educated, than theys ain’t gonna read yo stuff. I apologize if that was painful to read, but it gets the point across right?

Also, credibility is key. So if you are citing anything, and I mean anything, make sure to give appropriate credit. You can get into a lot of trouble and look like an idiot if you don’t cite your sources.

No. 9: Be vivid.

Paint a picture in your audience’s mind. Using a lot of descriptive words and metaphors can help your writing become more detailed. This way when you tell a story it can be portrayed exactly how you want it to be. Aim to always add some vividness, even if you aren’t telling a story.


Paint a picture in your audience’s mind. Using a lot of descriptive words and metaphors can help your writing.


No. 10: Let your personality show.

Lastly, let your writing show who you are. Now don’t bore the reader with your whole life story. But if you are very funny, let that show. If you are sarcastic, which I am totally not, add that in. If you are trying to reach your audience then you are trying to connect with them. So be real and let your personality show through your writing.

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Chelsea Hennen

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