A little bit about our Twin Cities web design and digital marketing firm

At Happy Dog Web Productions, we believe the Internet is an incredibly powerful tool that can change people’s lives.

Change people’s lives if done right, that is.

The Internet really can change all kinds of lives—the lives of the consumers who connect with a great business, the lives of marketing departments who see their efforts pay off, and the lives of businesses that profit tremendously from widespread online visibility. But that positive change and success truly depends on whether the work to get you there was done the right way.

At Happy Dog, we live by our core values and mission to help change our clients’ lives and help businesses achieve that success.

core values

loyal sm<always loyal>

Building strong, long-lasting and loyal relationships is incredibly important to us. We want our quality work, friendly faces and puppy-dog eyes to make clients feel comfortable and confident, and ready to stick with us for the long-term.

Our client retention rate is staggering. Our clients come in happy, leave happy, and always are pleased with the Happy Dog product. They have vibrant businesses, great ideas, and good hearts, and we truly enjoy working with each one.

wow sm“Wow” Experience

We have quite the talented breed of employees here at Happy Dog, and their passion for creating a great customer experience and doing the highest quality work gives clients the Wow Experience from start to finish and beyond. We’ve actually had clients cry tears of joy after seeing their new website for the first time.

big picture smBig Picture Problem Solvers

Over the years, Happy Dog has become a go-to shop for clients that need help fixing mistakes left behind by other Web and digital marketing companies. At Happy Dog, we pride ourselves on taking the time to see the big picture and all the little details that make it up so we can make effective fixes and improve our clients’ online presence.

intelligence mutedIntelligence

Happy Dog’s staff has some of the best and the brightest the Twin Cities has to offer. The entire staff is college educated (with academic honors), and actively works to learn new tricks by attending conferences, networking, webinars and independent research. But our smarts go beyond books, we love coming up with creative solutions to help our clients reach their goals.

efficiency smEfficiency

Organization and efficiency are incredibly important to doing our best work and keeping our clients happy. We put our best foot forward when starting a new project by putting together detailed project scopes, one-on-one’s with clients, performing lots of research and finally working together to streamline the development or digital marketing implementation process.

What we do

The Happy Dog team creates top-ranking sites that thrive within search engine results. As a team, we build you a highly responsive website platform that’s great for any mobile device and optimized for top search results. This orchestrated effort always leads not only to fabulous-looking websites, but also to major leads, and eventually, profitable sales.

From improving the load time of an existing website and SEO optimization services, to custom building unique websites and creating mobile friendly products, Happy Dog ensures that the final product makes our clients tails wag with excitement.

With our specialization in Joomla!, a reputable award-winning content management system, we take a unique approach to the web design industry using only the best available tools. Find out more about our Joomla! expertise, SEO and digital marketing strategies, and mobile development while you're visiting our website.

How it all started

It all began back in 2010. With the above core values in tow, founder and CEO Ryan Boog started to grow Happy Dog into what it is today: a top-tier, custom web development and digital marketing company with a great work environment and happy employees.

Last year we saw a 58 percent growth and we’re one of the fastest growing web design and development companies in the Twin Cities metropolitan area - not to mention, one of the faster-growing Joomla! Web companies in the world.

Let’s build a relationship

At Happy Dog we treat our clients and staff like family, and their happiness and success is everything to us. So, tell us about your project and we’ll figure out a way to get it done. Get it done right, that is.

If you are looking for just the right national or Twin Cities custom web design firm to start your project, we want you to know that we are deeply devoted to our clients and our work here at Happy Dog. <always loyal>

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